Thursday, February 24, 2011

Versatile blog award

I don't know really what to say but thank you so much to Chloe and  Jos for giving me this award!! I'm super excited that I got two awards in same day from two of my dear readers! and I'm so happy to see that someone actually reads and likes my blog! Yaaay :) you girls really made my day.
Please go check out their blog, I know you will love it as much as I do.

So I've read that there are some rules to this and they go like this:
Hmm... the seven things about me:
  • I'm afraid of the hairdresser!!
  • I drink Green tea everyday. (you should too, it's very healthy and prevents many diseases)
  • I love winter more than the summer. I don't like the heat.
  • Until last year I hated cooking and try to stay away from the kitchen as much as possible but now I love it so much especially baking some good chocolaty stuff :)
  • When I was much younger I loved listening to Mariah Carey, I wanted to buy all of her cd's, I think I did...but now I don't even remember when was the last time I listen to one of her songs. No I do was this Christmas, one of her new songs was constantly on the radio.
  • I love buying vinyl records of my favorite songs, I think they are a classic.
  • I'm studying three different languages at the same's really confusing. I really really want to learn Chinese. 
So now on the next part....15 is a big number and I recently didn't discover that many new blogs so I'm going to name only the ones I have and I think they deserve more attention. (in no particular order)

Tatiana - LoveLifeLace
Matter of Style,  
Kat - Katslovefashion

P.S. That gold thing that I've mentioned here will have to wait for tomorrow. I hope you will check back again.



Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Golden Cherry

Picture taken from:

As I've mentioned here few year ago I had a big obsession with cherries. So when I saw this one, my eyes went big! Haha!
I love love this hat, if it was a little smaller and without the net over the face, maybe I would wear it. It must be a funny felling to have something so big and heavy on your head.
She is so brave to wear something like this.
I also found this (click), on this blog. Last year she was wearing a big red cherry on her head. Amazing! :D Also read her rules for wearing  big hats, so funny. And so TRUE!
Ahh big golden cherries, what else can a girl want? :)

Does anyone know where is it from? 
and would you wear something like that?

p.s. Tomorrow I will show you my latest purchase. It's something gold, very useful, especially for girls who wear high heels all the time and you can put it in your bag even if it's a clutch. Do you want to know what it is? Check out tomorrow :) 


Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Picture taken from:

I've always liked the idea of adding bright, neon colors to a dark outfit.  
When I saw this amazing (I think YSL) yellow shoes, my heart stopped. I must have one of these, only with a cheaper price. :)

Do you like this kind of style?

I've been also seeing this kind of style a lot on London Fashion Week for Fall 2011. You can see my review of some of the designers here - Temperley, Jaeger and PPQ.  

P.S. This title also reminded me of a song by Coldplay - Yellow, I really like this song, maybe because I can also sing it on my Xbox-Lips :) You can listen the song here Youtube 

This is a quick post but anyway I wanted to share this gorgeous shoes with you.


Monday, February 21, 2011

London Fashion Week - Fall 2011 Temperley London

Pictures taken from:

The first thing about the Tempreley show is that the whole scene was gorgeous, I loved the big stairs where models were standing at the end. I also loved the big runway, it looked something special and not something we are used to see at fashion shows. 
So the second and the most important thing was the whole collection of the designer. It was beautiful and sexy. All of the models wore red lips, I really like that. Maybe I should encourage myself and try it on me.
My favorite piece is the big white poncho on the fourth picture above. I love love love it so much, I wish we could skip to fall winter again. I know I know you all want spring...but not me, maybe just for one day :) or a week :)
My second favorite thing were the shoes....I mean OMG those sexy black shoes with GOLD heel! They were breath taking. 
I also liked the last two dresses on the pictures above, I like their soft light pink or grey, don't really know what's the color....can't decide. I more see myself in the short one :)

So here are some of the pieces I liked. 
Which one is your favorite?

You can check out their whole collection here 

I was so happy to watch the fashion show. First I thought it will never start because the lights were off for soooo long. It's good that people didn't stat to panic or maybe they are used to that kind of things. 

If you still want to watch LFW, you can watch it here Live Stream on their official site LFW Live.
Hope you like watching/reading my review of the fashion show. I enjoy so much watching the fashion shows. Wish I could be there! :)



Sunday, February 20, 2011

London Fashion Week - Fall 2011 Jaeger London

Pictures taken from:

Have any of you watched the Jaeger London fashion show yesterday?
Well I did and it was amazing! I loved almost all of the pieces. There were many different colors, but the main colors for fall 2011 is red, orange, mustard yellow, brown and black. I also saw a lot of blue accessories like shoes, bags, clutches, tights. I was so happy when I saw so many blue things.
On Jaeger show there was so many amazing pieces that I really can't choose my favorite.
Do you have your favorite?

I love the little details like neon pink or blue on black outfit or combination of red with olive green. I also love the combination of any material with leather. I really think it's a great combination, that's why I bought this dress not long ago. 

So the big trend for fall is neon colors and big clutches. What else did you notice?

I've been watching London Fashion Week live stream here if you want to watch



Saturday, February 19, 2011

London Fashion Week - Fall 2011 PPQ

Picture taken from:

Yesterday I've watched London Fashion Week live stream by PPQ. I liked the most of the collection, above are the pictures from my favorites. There were all dresses and like I've said here, at the moment I would wear dresses all the time so it was perfect for me. Most of them were formal or too serious but overall it's was a great collection. If I must choose my favorite I would choose the blue dress (fifth picture) and the purple one (last picture). 
Another dress that got my attention is the third one, simple black dress with interesting V shaped collar. 

I'm happy to see some colors for the fall, I don't like when everybody turns into black and grey when summer is over. 
Although today I've watched another show from Betty Jackson and I saw a lot of bright red with lots of flowers. There were also lots of fur and leather which I liked except for the fur. I think we've seen too much fur already. Except for one coat that I loved soo much, will show it later. Oh and there was also one skirt that I liked... :)
I hope we'll see lot of blue. Fingers crossed :)

Have any of you been watching live stream? 
You can watch it here 

Have you joined Fashiolista? I would be happy to see what are your favorite things.




Friday, February 18, 2011


Today I've joined the site Fashiolista, that you've probably seen on other blogs all around. The site it's pretty cool. First I didn't saw the point in it but once you get started it's kind of fun. The thing is that you can download a button in shape of a heart to your Internet browse site to your toolbar. When you visit a site for example Asos, and if you find something that you like, just press the heart button and it will be automatically added to your fashiolista site where everyone can see what you've found. If someone else likes it just presses the love button as well. You can also love something for someone else right there from the Fashiolista site. You can comment or follow your favorite fashiolistas. So you should really check it out and see for yourself. If you decide to join I would be more than happy if you want to follow me here Fashiolista - BlueShoes and stay updated of the things I love or find great things. I would also love to see what you've found and loved.
You can still see my latest picks on the right side of my blog where my current "loves" are shown.

Picture taken from: Google images

I wish you all a great weekend! 



Thursday, February 17, 2011

What's the colour?

I was thinking about dyeing my hair for some time now. Few years ago I was blond but then changed it to light brown. I didn't colour my hair for about three years now, because I wanted to have my natural hair colour. But the ends are still a little blond so I'm cutting them off so I hope they will soon be gone.
What do you think, should I stick with my natural color or make a change?

 (this picture is from last year, the ends are not so blond anymore)

Would love to hear your opinion, so please do leave a comment.


Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines day

I know it's almost over but anyway I wanted to wish you a happy Valentines day!
Be in Love!


Sunday, February 13, 2011

Dress me in a dress

Pictures taken from: ModCloth and NetaPorter

1. Chloe dress 
2. Chloe dress 

Currently I'm in the mood to wear dresses all the time. As you can see I love pastel colors from grey to mint green to peachy pink...ooohh so many pretty colors. 
This time I've put together some of the dresses I've been looking at the moment. The first ones are way out of my budget but we can still look can we? :)
I really can't pick my favorite one, they are all so pretty! 

Which one is your favorite? 

Now it's really time for spring to come. 

Have a nice Sunday!



Friday, February 11, 2011

What to wear: V day 2

Pictures taken from: Asos and ModCloth
1. ASOS Simple Chiffon Midi Sundress - €39,36
2. Penn Avenue Jacket - $64,99
3. ASOS WHITE WAISTED Leather High Vamp Shoes - €111,52
4. French Connection Clutch Bag With Sequins - €183,68  - €137,76

I made another outfit for what I would wear to a date on Valentines day.
I feel in love with this dress and jacket. This shoes I've been watching for quite some time now so I think I really should buy them and stop just looking at them :) The problem is that I don't wear heels that often. In fact I don't wear them at all, unless it's a night out. But they are so beautiful and maybe I should consider buying them.

What do you think?

So I hope this helps and gives you an idea.
Have a great weekend full of sunshine!


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Thanks xoxo

Thursday, February 10, 2011

New in my closet

If you are following me on my twitter already know I went shopping to Seiersberg in Austria again (as you've seen here). We had a free day so decided the last minute to go to a little trip. It's an our and a half away from where I live. I love shopping in other cities because it's kind of different although the most of the shop are the same like Zara, H&M....
I stop by at Zara to buy some new jeans and came across this beautiful dress at the Sale section. It was reduced from 60€ to 20€. Thats a good buy I think. I like that brown color with leather patches.
I didn't iron it, sorry :)

P.s. Bought everything except the jeans, that were the main goal! Ahhh....can't help it :)

For this weekend we've planed a trip to Trieste in Italy. It's a city by the sea so I hope for the good weather.
So let's see how this goes.

Do you have any plans for the weekend?


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

What to wear: Valentines day

Pictures taken from: Asos, ModClothThe Outnet

1. Tulle out of Three Skirt - $84.99
2. DKNY Elena strappy leather sandals - €295.52 - €88.66
3. Nude Platform Court - €32
4. Constellation Rising Top - $52.99
5. Fresh Paper Top - $49.99
6. ASOS Leather Waterfall Clutch - €45.92
7. Dune Moolah Diamante Flap Clutch Bag - €131.20
8. Lipsy Floral Garland Style Hair Band - €15.74
9. Lee Angel Gold-plated glass-pearl hoop earrings - €108.47 - €54.23

 As I've mentioned here, I decided to make an outfit what I would wear to a date for Valentines day. Again I picked up many clothes from ModCloth because I feel in love every time I visit their site. When I saw this skirt I knew this was it! :)
I had a similar when I was younger but it's doesn't fit me anymore, it's too short :/ This one is even better with bow detail and grey color. I love grey especially with peach pink combination.

Do you have any plans for V day?
If anyone have a good Valentines story, I would love to hear them and post them here on my blog.


Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Valentines day gift ideas

Pictures taken from: ModCloth

1. Boat Party Cardi - $109,99
2. Love Notes Valentine's Mailing Set - $24,99
3. Waking Up Wisely Mug - $17,99
4. Cutensils Cutlery Set - $29,99
5. Jewelry Doesn't Grow on Trees Stand - $18,99

Looking through ModCloth I found these adorable presents for V day. This post is more for boys then to get an idea for you girls, right? :)

So anyway I really think you should check out their page here ModCloth, there are so many things that I think are the most cutest thing ever so it's hard to choose. I put up only a few things that I like and would be happy to have them :)

You still have a week left so don't worry, no need to hurry. Later this week I'm thinking of doing a post of an outfit for V day? Interested?

Hope you have the best day!


Monday, February 7, 2011

Anchors away

So this weekend I decided my new bag needed a walk. Looking through the pictures I realized that the bag looks really big, but it doesn't feel like it. I love it! The color and the size are perfect, I really am not a fan of small bags. I think they look funny on me, because I'm a big girl.

I love the bracelet you can see in first picture it's so summery. One of my favorites.

Bag - Asos
Jacket  - Bershka
Shoes - Bershka
Cardigan - Only
T-Shirt - Christian Audigier 

So here is the whole outfit  of what I was wearing to our little trip to Portorose, It wasn't anything special, wanted to feel comfortable. I was wearing one of my favorite cardigans, will show better pictures of it next time. The color is so nice but you can't really see in the pictures. It's blue and it's a little washed of with hints of grey and in front there are two belts and makes it a little special. Also I was wearing a beautiful tunic/t-shirt from Christian Audigier which was made special edition for Pacha. There was a time I had an obsession with cherries. That would explain so many cherry inspired necklaces in my closet. But maybe this is for another post :)

Hope you had a great weekend.


Sunday, February 6, 2011



All that mermaid outfit yesterday and all that beautiful sunshine made me want to go on a little trip to the seaside. So me and my boyfriend went to Portorose. It was a beautiful day and walking along the shore made me want the Summer to come. I just love the smell of the ocean. Luckily there was no wind.

How did you spend your Saturday?