Thursday, January 13, 2011


I want to buy a new bag....but that's not the problem....the problem is that I found three most perfect bags and now I can't decide which one to buy.
I would buy all three but I already have to many bags so Simon won't let me :)....anyway I think he is right, I have too many.

So now I would like to ask you if you can help me decide. Is it number 1. or number 2. or number 3.? Just leave it in a comment below. (Number 2. and 3. are the same bags just in different colors)

 Pictures taken from: Asos

1. ASOS Patent Trim Lady Bag - 44,87€
2. ASOS Faux Croc Bar Day Bag (Grey) - 44,78€
3. ASOS Faux Croc Bar Day Bag (Yellow) - 44,78€

The bag Number 1. you've seen already on my wish list for December here.

If you want you can make an outfit that would go great with one of the bags and I would be happy to put them here on my blog.

Thank you so much for helping,



  1. Just discovered your blog! I would definitely go with #2 :)

    xo Lynzy

  2. i love croc prints and since spring is coming my advice is to take a bright colour,i would take the number 3!
    I like bright coloured bags for winter too to wash out the grey of the background, the sky,the city!


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