Thursday, December 30, 2010

Bunny ears and bows

At first when I saw them I thought they are funny and I didn't think someone would actually wear them, unless it's for Halloween. But now I think they are kind of cute, so I had to buy one in pink :) I decided I'm going to wear them with my new years eve outfit.

I also like this one from Asos, they are gold and even more special and they are on sale, how great is that? :)

 Picture taken from Asos

I think new year eve is also one day in the year you can dress up and wear something you wouldn't normally wear unless it's Halloween. Or maybe that's just in my case, guess I'm not that brave to wear that on a regular day :) Are you?

I also like this bow.  

 Picture taken from Asos

And also this one.... 
 Picture taken from ModCloth

I overall like hats, headbands and almost every hair accessories. 

Hmmm maybe thats why I love winter so much...because of hats and scarfs :) heheh

Have a fun day and this is you last chance if you want do to something before new year :) Be brave ;)



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