Friday, November 26, 2010

What to wear December

December is supposed to be a happy and fun month, so with many celebrations and parties approaching I assume your weekends will be filled with parties.
I love festive clothes so I decided to put up some suggestions what to wear. Every weekend I will post something new, so if you don't have any inspiration check out my blog and maybe you will find something just right for you.
Hope you will like it, so I will be very happy to see some feedback from you. Thanks!

So this is my first suggestion for this weekend. This season my favorite material for winter is VELVET so in this section I found couple of dresses made of velvet.

Pictures taken from
1. Vila Velvet Dress With Ruched Sleeve Detail - 49,76€ (NOW 39,81€)
2. ASOS Velvet Embellished Bandeau Dress - 47,27€ (NOW 37,32€)
3. ASOS Velvet Ruched Sleeve Dress - 47,27€
4. Paprika Dress Velvet with Oversize Shoulder Bows - 31,10€

Pictures taken from

1. Vero Moda Bow Shoulder Velvet Dress - 21,77€
2. TFNC Velvet Pleat Sash Bandeau Dress - 52,25€ (NOW 41,67€)
3. TFNC Velvet Ruched Shoulder Detail Bodycon Dress - 44,78€ (NOW 35,45€)

This dresses are something that I would wear. But if I must pick just one I think I would choose the champagne one, the color is amazing!

Do you have your favorite? 

If you don't know what to wear this weekend, I hope this will help you.

Have fun and happy December to you all!



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