Thursday, November 18, 2010

Seeing owls

This autumn I've been seeing a lot of owls in the stores. They are such an amazing animals, so beautiful and special. I think my love for them started to grew last Christmas, almost a year ago. I received a sweatshirt with a little owl on it, it's was so cute and cozy I wanted to wear it all the time. I will show it to you in future posts.
So in this post I wanted to show you some recent owls I've came across.

Pictures taken from

1. ASOS Washed Cream Finish Articulated Owl Long Pendant - 9.95€
2. ASOS Multi Coloured Articulated Owl Long Pendant Necklace - 9.95€
3. H&M
4. ASOS 'Night Owl' Giftcard With Owl Pendant Necklace - 12.44€
5. ASOS Filigree Owl Long Pendant Necklace With Tassel - 12.44€ (NOW 9.95€)

I'm in love with the giftcard owl pendant, it's the perfect gift for Christmas. You must check out ASOS it has such an amazing clothes, shoes and accessories for a great price.

 Pictures taken from

1. Numph Owl Motif Sweat Dress - 62.20€
2. ASOS Artisans Owl Tee - 22.39€ (NOW 11.20€)
3. ASOS Owl Jacquard Cardigan - 52.25€
4. Beyond The Valley Hypnogogic Owl Silk Tunic Dress - 149.28€
5. FIN Oslo for ASOS Owl Printed Tee - 49.76€ (NOW 14.93€)

Wake up the night owl inside of you, just in time for happy December! ;)

Which one is you favorite?


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