Thursday, November 4, 2010

Old treasures Part 2

As I mentioned yesterday I would show you more of the vintage stuff I found. Some pieces of jewelery, they aren't golden or anything but I like them anyway. They are special and old so that makes them more valuable to me. In fact I prefer not no wear real gold or diamonds or anything because I'm afraid I will lose it and then what? I prefer simple and not too expensive jewelery. For that money I would rather buy shoes ;) So you probably won't be seeing me in diamonds.
The pictures were taken by my boyfriend and I think they are amazing. The stuff really looks even more beautiful then in real life.
Here are some of my newest addition (some are in black and white and some are colourful, we were experimenting a little) ;)

In other posts I will also show you some clothes, I will make some outfit pictures too.


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