Thursday, December 30, 2010

Bunny ears and bows

At first when I saw them I thought they are funny and I didn't think someone would actually wear them, unless it's for Halloween. But now I think they are kind of cute, so I had to buy one in pink :) I decided I'm going to wear them with my new years eve outfit.

I also like this one from Asos, they are gold and even more special and they are on sale, how great is that? :)

 Picture taken from Asos

I think new year eve is also one day in the year you can dress up and wear something you wouldn't normally wear unless it's Halloween. Or maybe that's just in my case, guess I'm not that brave to wear that on a regular day :) Are you?

I also like this bow.  

 Picture taken from Asos

And also this one.... 
 Picture taken from ModCloth

I overall like hats, headbands and almost every hair accessories. 

Hmmm maybe thats why I love winter so much...because of hats and scarfs :) heheh

Have a fun day and this is you last chance if you want do to something before new year :) Be brave ;)



Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Wish list

Hope you all had beautiful Christmas. I think it was over way too soon, now I have to wait till next year. Hope you ate a lot of cookies and other good stuff. Did Santa brought you any presents? :) I got lots of beautiful things. I guess I was good girl this year :) Promise I will try and be good next year as well.

I am eating so much these days that I've decided to start eating more healthy in next year. Ohhh I have so many new years resolutions. I will share them here on my blog if they become successful. :)

Now that the sales are starting I've already have my eye on some things. So here is my wish list.

Pictures taken from: Asos and Next

1. Brogues - Next
2. River Island Turtle Faux Fur Lined Flat Boots
3. London Rebel Flat Lace Up Ankle Boots
4. ASOS PARADOX Boiled Wool Lace Up Platform Shoe
5. Nude Platform Court
6. ASOS Patent Trim Lady Bag
7. ASOS 'Love' Jewellery Hooks
8. Elegant Satchel

  Pictures taken from: ModCloth

1. Teal City Gloves
2. Lots of Luxe Gloves
3. Cinnamon Mocha Scarf
4. Winter Whimsy Dress
5. Coffee and Dreams Dress
6. Winning Qualities Blazer
7. Confectionately Yours Dress
8. Owl Cook Dinner Apron and Mitt Set

 I love creamy pastel colors! And I also need an apron, this cute little owl one is so perfect for me :) (love owls as you can see here, so I really hope it will be restocked soon)


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Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas!


I wish you all MERRY CHRISTMAS! The most beautiful day of the year. I hope it brings you joy and happiness. If you were good I hope Santa brings you lots of presents ;) and cookies!....and tea...or hot chocolate...and so on :)

Be happy be in love, eat, drink, have fun!! Just enjoy the Christmas spirit!

Love you all,

Thursday, December 16, 2010


I remembered I still haven't posted pictures from the night me and Simon went to the city to see the lights go up. So here it is.
It was very crowded and the pictures aren't that good. But you can still see the beautiful "stars".

"Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!"

Coat - Tommy Hilfiger
Bag - Asos
Headband - Asos


Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The old jacket

Few days ago I remembered I had a jacket that I bought 5 years ago. At the time it didn't fit my style, I was young I was wearing colorful and cozy clothes. But the jacket is so beautiful and practically  new, because I didn't wear it that often, I think two or three times.
I went looking for it at tried it on and it fitted perfectly. It's so warm and cozy and most important perfect for this winter.

We all sometimes buy something that we don't wear and it lays deep behind in our closet. But maybe in few years it will came out and will shine in all of it's glory. So maybe not all of our shopping mistake is always a bad thing.

Dig through your closet and maybe you will find something you totally forgot about and spent your money on some accessories to give that something extra to your old coat or dress.

Jacket - Morgan 


Monday, December 13, 2010

Decorations: Christmas

 Pictures taken from: Modcloth

Some ideas how to decorate your Christmas tree.
I prefer traditional colors of, green, gold
But these decorations are so cute and I would love to have them on my tree.

Happy Owlidays!! 

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Friday, December 10, 2010

Beauty secrets: Part 1

My favorite cosmetic products among others is definitely Dior.


  In next post I want to show you some products I love and use daily. Maybe you'll get some tips.

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Friday, December 3, 2010

All that Glitter

 Pictures taken from Asos

1. Warehouse Silk Trim Bejewelled Fit And Flare Dress - 149,28€
2. French Connection Glitter Stirrup Tights - 24,88€ (NOW 14,93€)
3. River Island Gold Sequin Foldover Clutch Bag - 43,54€
4. TFNC Bead Embellished Layered Chiffon Dress - 49,76€ (NOW 39,81€)
5. Lipsy Floral Garland Style Hairband - 14,93€
6. Miss KG Bond Platform Detail Heeled Courts - 93,30€
7. ASOS Feather Corset Dress - 186,60€
8. ASOS Multi Large Sequin Cropped Top - 44,78€
9. TFNC All Over Sequin Dress with Keyhole Back - 49,76€
10. ASOS Copper Beaded Leaf Headband - 7,49€
11. ASOS Leather Tarnished Disc Clutch Bag - 49,76€
12. Guess Hondo Glitter Peep Toe Court Shoe - 99,52€ (NOW 79,62€)
13. Pearl Glitter Wrap Dress - 87,08€ (NOW 37,32€)

Second must have for this seasons parties is Glitter, glitter and more glitter! Here are just some things that I would wear. My favorite dress would be number 13! It's simple, long and gorgeous! Perfect!

Which one is your favorite?

Have fun and shine this weekend!


Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Little things

In this post I am going focus on little things that captures my mood perfectly right now. Little things are important and make that special, warm effect. Deciding how to decorate this season I came across this little things that would perfectly make as a gift or to make your place even more Christmasy.

 All pictures taken from Potterybarn
This weekend I am going to decorate my tree and make my place Winter wonderland. :)
And have to start shopping for presents!

Have you already decorate your place and did your Christmas shopping?


Tuesday, November 30, 2010

In to the blue

Pictures taken from Asos and Outnet

1. ASOS PUMPKIN Suede Pointed Court Shoe - 74,64€ (NOW 59,71€)
2. ASOS PEACHES Suede Platform Court Shoes - 49,76€ (NOW 39,81€) 
3. Rupert Sanderson - Jupiter suede shoe boots - 988,19€ (NOW 395,27€)
4. ASOS ALESHA Leather Platform Chelsea Boot - 80,86€  
5. ASOS PORTFOLIO Perforated High Ankle Boot - 99,52€ (NOW 79,62€)
6. Rupert Sanderson - Kitkat suede shoe boots - 831,52€ (NOW 332,60€) 

This explains the name of my blog. I love love love blue shoes. They are special and make every outfit even more interesting. Blue makes me calm and I feel like in heaven. These babies are the one I am looking at right now.
The gold heart in the description show my favorite, as you may see there are three! I just can't decide. We will just have to see what Santa brings. ;)

(hope Santa is reading my blog) :)

Which color makes you feel special?


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Monday, November 29, 2010

DIY idea

Looking through my favorite blogs and I came across this amazing shoulder pads. I think it's a great DIY idea. Very military look.

 Picture taken from:

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Friday, November 26, 2010

What to wear December

December is supposed to be a happy and fun month, so with many celebrations and parties approaching I assume your weekends will be filled with parties.
I love festive clothes so I decided to put up some suggestions what to wear. Every weekend I will post something new, so if you don't have any inspiration check out my blog and maybe you will find something just right for you.
Hope you will like it, so I will be very happy to see some feedback from you. Thanks!

So this is my first suggestion for this weekend. This season my favorite material for winter is VELVET so in this section I found couple of dresses made of velvet.

Pictures taken from
1. Vila Velvet Dress With Ruched Sleeve Detail - 49,76€ (NOW 39,81€)
2. ASOS Velvet Embellished Bandeau Dress - 47,27€ (NOW 37,32€)
3. ASOS Velvet Ruched Sleeve Dress - 47,27€
4. Paprika Dress Velvet with Oversize Shoulder Bows - 31,10€

Pictures taken from

1. Vero Moda Bow Shoulder Velvet Dress - 21,77€
2. TFNC Velvet Pleat Sash Bandeau Dress - 52,25€ (NOW 41,67€)
3. TFNC Velvet Ruched Shoulder Detail Bodycon Dress - 44,78€ (NOW 35,45€)

This dresses are something that I would wear. But if I must pick just one I think I would choose the champagne one, the color is amazing!

Do you have your favorite? 

If you don't know what to wear this weekend, I hope this will help you.

Have fun and happy December to you all!



Thursday, November 18, 2010

Seeing owls

This autumn I've been seeing a lot of owls in the stores. They are such an amazing animals, so beautiful and special. I think my love for them started to grew last Christmas, almost a year ago. I received a sweatshirt with a little owl on it, it's was so cute and cozy I wanted to wear it all the time. I will show it to you in future posts.
So in this post I wanted to show you some recent owls I've came across.

Pictures taken from

1. ASOS Washed Cream Finish Articulated Owl Long Pendant - 9.95€
2. ASOS Multi Coloured Articulated Owl Long Pendant Necklace - 9.95€
3. H&M
4. ASOS 'Night Owl' Giftcard With Owl Pendant Necklace - 12.44€
5. ASOS Filigree Owl Long Pendant Necklace With Tassel - 12.44€ (NOW 9.95€)

I'm in love with the giftcard owl pendant, it's the perfect gift for Christmas. You must check out ASOS it has such an amazing clothes, shoes and accessories for a great price.

 Pictures taken from

1. Numph Owl Motif Sweat Dress - 62.20€
2. ASOS Artisans Owl Tee - 22.39€ (NOW 11.20€)
3. ASOS Owl Jacquard Cardigan - 52.25€
4. Beyond The Valley Hypnogogic Owl Silk Tunic Dress - 149.28€
5. FIN Oslo for ASOS Owl Printed Tee - 49.76€ (NOW 14.93€)

Wake up the night owl inside of you, just in time for happy December! ;)

Which one is you favorite?


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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Old treasures Part 2

As I mentioned yesterday I would show you more of the vintage stuff I found. Some pieces of jewelery, they aren't golden or anything but I like them anyway. They are special and old so that makes them more valuable to me. In fact I prefer not no wear real gold or diamonds or anything because I'm afraid I will lose it and then what? I prefer simple and not too expensive jewelery. For that money I would rather buy shoes ;) So you probably won't be seeing me in diamonds.
The pictures were taken by my boyfriend and I think they are amazing. The stuff really looks even more beautiful then in real life.
Here are some of my newest addition (some are in black and white and some are colourful, we were experimenting a little) ;)

In other posts I will also show you some clothes, I will make some outfit pictures too.


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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Old treasures

Before the new year I like to make changes to that I make a fresh start. I feel much better when I clean up some things and throw some stuff out, so that the place looks much cleaner, I can breathe much easier. So for this year I decided to make some changes in my wardrobe.
While I was cleaning some stuff, I found my mom's old clothes and jewelery. When she was young she made such amazing clothes. I'm in love. And the fact that it's vintage and made by my mom makes them so much more special. The only problem is that back then they used to wear clothes much bigger so most of them doesn't fit me. I have to modify them.
So here is one jacket/blazer, it's color is so amazing. Purple with gold elements, just perfect.

 In next post I will show you other jackets and jewelery so stay tuned. (And the pictures will be better.) Hehe..


Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Lanvin Hearts H&M

How excited am I...oh my.... What do you think about the video and the pic? I think I will go in it for one of those LBD. The one with the ruffles really caught my eye, but the yellow one is not that bad too. I think I should look at the menswear too and get something for my boyfriend as well. Girls and boys get ready and set for Nov 23. So let the battle begins.

All pictures from:


Thursday, October 21, 2010

Lanvin for H&M

I just saw the second picture Lavnin released from their collaboration with H&M. Counting down the days.

Picture from:

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

First sight...

Guess i'm kind of excited about this. Don't know where to start, what to say. The same thing I felt when I got them. Shoes that is.
It was's a thing when you know something is right. I know this feeling. not just shoes, I will talk about many thing. My love for fashion and everything beautiful in this world that makes me happy.

First time is always bear with me.